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Why SEO For Contractors Is The Next Best Thing To Do For The Business?

The construction industry is huge. A lot of money is involved in building structures. Every investor knows that investing in this business is money well spent and chances are great they will only make more of that move.

Construction companies and contractors will never be out of business. The time either makes people demolish the old buildings and raise new ones or hire contractors to maintain the old structures to make them suitable for everyday living in them.

There are over 700.000 construction companies in the USA. Can you imagine how huge this market is? With all those firms all trying to get some work to be done, ordinary citizens have a real problem in deciding which one is the best for them. See more stats about this here.

They can choose any from the thousands that are offering their services. Your job is to make more of them come to your office and as for a quote. How to do this? By spending some time adjusting your web page and making it SEO.

What is SEO and why is it important?

It is a marketing system that turns your web page into the same website that will rank higher on Google and the other search engines. An SEO expert will spend some time adjusting it. Adding parts, changing things, are getting rid of things that make it unsuitable for the bots.

After they are done, your website will rank higher and more people will be able to see it. That is the main reason why it’s important.

If more people see your page, more of them will click it and will want to learn about what you do. Today, no one goes around friends and colleagues asking about what they think about something and asking for advice. Everyone searches the internet for information.

That’s why SEO or search engine optimization is so important for you. You need to optimize your page for people to get to it and learn more about your services. But, it’s not just about getting on top of the internet world. The satisfaction is in second place. What’s more important is the benefits your company gets out of the whole deal.

Separates the modern from the old-fashioned

There’s a common understating among people today that – those who are unable to maintain a simple web page are unable to maintain a good company. Even though almost every firm around the world now has its web address, it’s still important to have something that will differ you from the rest.

For example, one of the foundations of good SEO is having a fast loading of your web. When a person clicks on a certain link and it takes forever to load, chances are this firm won’t even get to see the potential client checking out their offers.

The look of the site is also very important. If it is looking fancy and modern, chances are bigger the clients will be interested in their work. If it looks like it was stuck in 1995 when it was first created, the client will think that the company is the same – outdated and old-fashioned.

Attracting more visitors to your business

A professional doing this and specialized in building SEO sites for contractors will know what needs to be done for the search engine bots to rank it higher. When they manage to do this, you can expect a lot more visitors every day.

There are special tools that keep you updated about who is visiting your page and you’ll be able to follow the traffic going on there. You’ll see that thousands who are looking for some kind of contractor job will come to you. Your business will become a lot more attractive and chances are you’ll have to start turning people down because your schedule will be overbooked.

How is this possible? People hate turning that page 2 and see more results. The common perception is that if something’s not on the first page, it’s not worth searching for it. That means, whoever is upfront, gets all the visits and all the jobs which means you have to make it there. Ask from your SEO person to get you there and if they do, make sure you reward them for it.

How to find the best SEO company for this?

First, make sure they are licensed in this field and they have experience in doing the same for others. Sure, search engine optimization is the same for everyone but it takes a special kind of person to make a great job for a contractor.

You need someone who understands the business and knows what clients need. They have to be aware of the problems you and your company face every day and what your customers ask from you as a contractor.

It’s best if you ask the potential candidates a few questions and see if they are up for the challenge. See if they understand how your business works and make a conclusion if they are your best choice.


As you can see, hiring such a person or a company can mean a huge benefit for your business. A lot more customers and a lot more work too. That means company growth and getting where you planned to be when you first started building your dream.

How to Keep Your Rankings When Redesigning a Website

A website redesign is often considered quite risky from the standpoint of preserving your SEO value. If you are unable to redesign a website accordingly, all of the years that you’ve spent on design, content and infrastructure can be completely overwritten. Is very difficult to predict how organic rankings will change after redesign launch but you can almost guarantee that there will be an initial dip in your performance. 

If you rely heavily on search traffic from a number of search engines as well as conversion from the SEO value you have built, you will need to seriously consider maintaining these results throughout the redesign process. 

Redesign and SEO strategy:

From the very beginning of her redesign project you will need to consider an approach to building your SEO value immediately after launch. Your marketing team needs to be able to minimize risk before the new website redesign as well as have a response plan for monitoring your success after it launches. Think about your SEO throughout the design stage, the development stage as well as the stage of post launch. 

A redesign can be the perfect time to look at your website design and start fresh. Pick an optimized design that is responsive, be sure to correct any broken links on your website, perform extensive testing and be sure to migrate all of the successful meta description and title tags from your previous design. Focusing on improving the structure of your new website and the speed of your website without sacrificing content can be a tall order, but its how you can thrive with a successful redesign. 

If you are Focused on redesigning your website and you want to make sure it’s not too heavily penalized, be sure to have a focus on your SEO value from the moment you plan a redesign process. 

This post was written by Kristian D’An. Kristian is the owner and SEO Specialist at Lux Digital Marketing, a St Petersburg SEO company. Kristian has been optimizing websites successfully for over 7 years. He has helped his clients achieve the #1 position on Google in several different industries. 

5 steps to finding the best SEO Service Providers

Every serious entrepreneur and businessman knows how important their web page popularity is. Every year the importance of the internet in the business is becoming higher and higher.

That’s why finding a good SEO company is important. Their work will make a difference whether you’ll be important out there or not. Getting the best is what every company deserves, so finding this company is a must.

In this article, we’re going to tell you about the 5 most important steps in finding the best one out there. Read on and find more about it!

1. Look for experience

An experienced company, in this case, is an absolute must. There are lots of young guys who are great and knows all about this issue but their inexperience in the business will certainly be a problem for you. See why experience is important here.

Even though their knowledge is perfect, they need a lot of practice before they can do some great work. This is why you need to look for the one that is already established as successful. This one will be certainly a better choice than the inexperienced ones.

2. Read their reviews

Open the internet and find some review sites. There, look for some SEO companies and see what other people before you had to say about them. The ones with the best review score are most probably the best.

In the same place, there will probably be a part where the same people are leaving comments about their work. See some of those in which you’re interested in what kinds of comments they received. Some might have a poor rating but after you read the comments you’ll realize that only some part of their works makes people rate them poorly. If you don’t mind this, that firm might be the best one for you.

3. See if they can get fulfill your ideas

Explain to the potential ones what kinds of ideas you have. Tell them what you need and see if they can do what you need. For example, if you need a special location-based SEO that will be opted for smartphone users and they are experienced in something else but not so much in the things you most need, take a shot with someone else. See an example here:

Basically, SEO companies are not going to turn you down no matter what you need because there are not so many branches of this marketing field. They will most probably be capable to do everything you need. It’s your job to see if they can do what you ask them to.

4. See some of their previous works

The best way to see if they are capable of doing a good job, it’s best to open their web page and see what they did before. Their portfolio is the best way to see if they are good or not.

If you see that most of their works are for pages that are ranking high on the search engines, it means they are capable of some great works and chances are they’ll do the same for you. Hiring them will probably be the best thing to do.

If their previous works are not convincing you that their clients got something positive out of their work, then it’s probably wiser to look for someplace else.

5. Price talks

Finally, the price. There are those companies who think highly of themselves and will try to charge a sum that is through the roof. Usually, the ones who are charging more are better. This is based on the market rules, a better product is paid more.

However, this is not always the rule here. It’s far more important to see the features that make a company successful or not. The price always comes last but if the price is higher and the company really stands out from the rest, then be sure that the money will eventually pay off.


As you can see, good SEO performance is important and finding the best professionals in the business should be a top priority. With these steps, you can be sure that you won’t have a problem finding what you’re looking for.