Getting the Right Video Production Team

There is no better time to get your message out on video than this modern “video oriented” age. Nevertheless, if you think finding the right video production team is as simple as pulling a name from a hat, you would be very wrong. The fact is that you are spoiled for options in this industry and finding a proper match is trickier than you think.

In the following article we will highlight a few basic points that can remove much doubt and lead you to the video production team you really need.

Their experience

Obviously, experience is going to be an important point. An experienced team will have a handle on a great many techniques and industry insights and a vast resource of creativity from a variety of different projects. Take a look at the work done by Burn Media Group after 6 years of experience producing high quality videos. If the video production team you have in mind does not have this experience, consider examining their team.

Their Team

Having a team of professionals is another good way to ensure that all the bases are covered. A solid team at your elbow is the best way to ensure that your work will be done perfectly. At Burn Media Group we rely of the support of a multi-faceted team of professionals including Camera Operators, Technicians, Producers, Writers, Animators and Editors

Another advantage of this is that you will always have someone with whom to check in about your project. A large team is also able to complete a project in a timely manner even very large projects can be done on time.

The process

A well-appointed process is another vital part of a professional and successful video production team. Be sure to inquire about turnaround times and the essential on-boarding process that will play a major role in making your dreams and vision a reality. If they will be handling the scripting, be sure to specify the tone, language and style that best reflects your purpose and organization.

Their Clients

If your production team has never worked in your industry or has little experience in your specific message, they may not be able to deliver as required. Take the time to look into their professional record of professional services. Which types of clients have they worked for? What are their most successful videos? Ask to look into their references and reviews.

Because the video production team will be providing such an important contact point between you and your target audience it is essential that they function as an extension of your own company. Make sure that they are well-known for their customer service and excellent communication skills.

The work

At the very end, you may still feel unsure of their capacity to deliver top-quality video with viral capacity. In which case, the best proof of the pudding is in the taste. Ask to see some of their work. Check to see if the styles, layouts, color schemes and general feel of the production is aligned to your core message. If you notice that the elements applied are simply variations of a single concept, you may be talking to a team that lacks versatility.

At Burn Media Group we are proud of our capacity to manipulate visual effects of all types to maximize the efficacy of its design. We guarantee a final product you will absolutely love and that will make a great impact on your audience.