Tips to Offer an Amazing Customer Service With Your Reseller Hosting Business

Web hosting is a competitive industry. With large website hosting companies, affiliates, and resellers trying to target similar market segments, there are very few differentiating factors between service providers. As a Hosting Reseller, you have a lot to manage – marketing, selling, accounting and billing, client management, and support. With most providers offering similar hosting packages and using digital marketing tools to advertise their services, customer service can be a huge differentiator when it comes to a site owner choosing between two providers. Today, we are going to offer some tips to help you provide amazing customer service to your web hosting clients and establish a profitable business.

Tip 1. Technology can improve response times

Imagine a client contacting you because their website is loading very slow. If your response takes time, then you might end up having an angry client on hand or maybe even lose them and get a bad brand reputation. Use technology to improve your response time. If there is a technical issue, then you must have a system in place that alerts you of any problem before the client contacts you. Imagine responding to such a call with a resolution! You would win the client’s trust in a jiffy! Use tools to monitor your client’s websites and always stay on top of any issues to reduce your response time.

Tip 2. Create self-help content

In today’s times, people are happy finding answers themselves if they get an efficient interface. They prefer spending some time looking for answers than chasing a customer service executive to help solve their queries. It also allows them to get answers at odd hours. You can help your clients by creating self-help content like video tutorials and guides. You can embed this content on your website or automate it as a response to standard queries.

Tip 3. Use chatbots

Chatbots are a blessing for businesses as they use artificial intelligence to answer many basic queries. How many times have your clients called/emailed you asking for the process of upgrading their plan or changing the address? A chatbot can quickly answer such queries without wasting your time. It is also a great way to engage prospects and site visitors. Many people prefer having a chatbot dishing out information rather than going through webpages.

Tip 4. Choose a hosting provider that offers technical support to your clients

The popular web hosting providers offering Reseller Hosting in India have a dedicated team of experts providing support to all resellers and their clients. It can be beneficial in handling highly technical queries, especially if you are not technically skilled. Hence, ensure that you choose the perfect Reseller Hosting plan for your business.

Tip 5. Keep your business client-centric

As a Hosting Reseller, it is essential to remember that prospective clients will compare your services to those offered by big hosting companies. Hence, it is crucial to reach out to your clients to make sure that they know how to use the hosting services, conduct regular follow-ups for queries raised by them, and ensure that you keep in regular touch with them.

Summing UpRemember, one of the primary reasons behind people opting for Reseller Hosting plans is personalized service. Hence, ensure that you pay attention to various factors including the customer service function of your business and ensure that you build a set of happy clients that are willing to refer you to their friends and acquaintances. Good Luck!