Domain Hosting: A Helpful Guide for Beginners

When do you hear about the domain for the first time? What else did you explore about the domain name? How does a domain name impact your brand image? These are some questions that every beginner understands while learning about the domain name for the first time.

However, people couldn’t understand the exact importance of the domain name and how a web hosting service is important. If you are only starting, then all of these several terms may sound too technical.

This guide would work as a beginner’s guide to understand the domain name and how it works while setting up a business website. So, let us get started:

What is a domain name? 

Domain name is the name of the website. When a person wants to visit or take a tour of your website, he or she will require a domain name to type in the URL.

A domain name splits into three important parts: www that is the world wide web, second is your business or brand name like “hostingSeller” and the last is domain extension like “.COM”. If we combine all the three parts, we get a domain name i.e., “www.hostingSeller.Com”

Such domain names help to distinguish one domain name from another. Originally the names are in the form of number that is called IP address like

However, with these numbers it would get challenging to remember the brand name and distinguish one from another. Thus, domain names are advised, where every business stands unique and represents its identity through its domain name.

If you want to visit a website, you don’t need to enter a long number. Instead, you can visit the site by inserting a domain name on the browser bar and click enter.

How do domain names function? 

Finalising a domain name is the first step, domain registration is the second, and then comes domain hosting. To make a domain name function, one needs to go through the domain hosting, it’s unavoidable.

When you enter a domain name in the web browser, it first sends a request to a global network of servers that forms the Domain Name System (DNS). These servers then look up for the name server associated with the domain and forward the request to those name servers.

The domain hosting is managed by servers that are basically a computer managed by a hosting company.

Difference between a domain name, website and web hosting: 

A website is made up of several HTML pages, website builder software, images, and more. If the domain name is the web address of your site, then web hosting is the name where your website lies.

Originally, it’s a computer where your website’s files are stored. Such computers are called servers and they are offered as a service by hosting companies.

domain hosting and a website both are crucial to make your website live or execute through the web.

Variety of domain name: 

A single domain name could have different extensions. A domain extension comes at the end of the domain name and represents the website type. There are several extension types available like .org, .net, .info, .io, etc.

Top Level Domain: 

Top Level Domain or briefly described as TLD is the most popular domain name extensions like .com, .org, .co, .net, etc.

Country code top level domain: 

Country code top level domain or ccTLD are country specific domain names that end with country code extension like .uk for the United Kingdom.

Sponsored top level domain: 

Sponsored top level domain or sTLD is a category of TLDs that has a sponsor indicating a specific community served by the domain extension.


The above information has unfolded various important things about domain name and its types. If you are still curious to know more about domain hosting and why it is essential, you can check various informative articles about the same.

Also, you can search for the best domain hosting provider, so you can get proper assistance and customer support in figuring out the issues related to your domain, website, or website hosting. A trusted and reliable hosting service is paramount when it comes to bringing your business online.